Friday, January 8, 2016

Horse And Pony Shows, Daily Events, Blows Frogs

Dates With Sex Freaks, Sheri, Sima and Rachel Jarrot

Butches, Bitches, Snakes, Buffalo Girls, riding hard, local dogs in heat, good times, want to date, hackers, liars, and land whales, tricks to trade, Steven, Sima,,Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, cheap tricks on call, day jobs, to steal from veterans, cash rich cows.  Girls to Date, Failures, Hackers, Snakes, Cows to buffalo girls. Lessons on looks, lessons on views, history to create. Bumps in the woods, trips to hell, spiders and snakes. Hung on the cross with jesus christ , saints  alive, sheep and goats. Hate and love, horns to blow, goats and sheep, horns of love and hate.

Lion Angels: Angels on earth, earth angels and fairies, faithful and true. Gifts in stories online, lyon snakes in places below. Hell hounds with sinners and saints, lyon tails.  Ghost Writers: Tats and ticks, butches to date 562 200 9102, bitches in heat, Reese Smith 333, on chest. Party and play with Dick Jarrot, and Reese Smith, cum suckers, in Long Beach, CA. Tales to hurt, stories by text, to harm to kill the monkeys on side streets, best buy frogs to date. Stolen blue car, gifts of sinners and saints. Notes to cops, bend coppers, white and round. Land whales, crooks and wolves, dances on the beach.

Masks On: Jokes online, lots of laughter, laughs out load,lots of luck, with your good looks. Third party views, fail to learn in first attempts in learning new skills, English notes, not for stupid and dense folks. Good times on the edge of earth, art work on the edge of the world, once more into the woods. Fairy tales, Red and the Wolf, the mad hatter, lots of laughs for Alice. Standards set for strangers to friends, time and space to share, believe in yourself, believe in your reasons for peace and love by the seas, running races. Rats, horse and pony shows, frogs and fish. Frogs, fools, freaks in the seas of people, fish to keep, frogs to toss back in: key for the good times, and the bumps in the road. Teacher or student, hard to tell. PARTY TIME? Steven , Seven Snakes, land whale, leader of packs. Steven and Rachel Jarrot lovers still.

Oysters,  oral talents to sale, dicks with chicks: bubble gum, Chinese food, party and play, fists up ass to suckers, that cum. Love the laughs, love the jokes, love the shit that floats. Joys and pains in the dark. Notes from Rocky, Starr Briton, family facts, lights on, sister with another mother. My family, my friends, my pieces of the pie in the sky. Happy Monday, Steven Jarrot, bitch on board, gang bang catcher in place, 3000 pitchers lined up, party and play, cum suckers, at day job. Pimps Rachel, Sheri, Sima, Reese Jarrot, for gas money. Pitchers line up, cum to play. Monkeys and freak swingers. RV campers in Upland, California.Out of the blue this happen, just found out, only message from my account , a snake within. He is just living up to the label he has as a snake. A person not to be trusted. I found his views he wrote 2 years ago, as Steven Jarrot, and the growth is not there. 

Flipping coins today, not female faces to flash, males instead, to promote the women. Check Google for Maya moore, great piece on black writters. I wrote after Rocky Jarrot,  found snake in her accounts, Steven Jarrot, my only guess.  My daddy, being a yellow snake, 6 cans short on 6 pack of love lotions. Frog to date, fool every day, monkey swingers in the family.

English Riters: Big head, little head under the belt, cum sucker to trick and trade, dickless wonder between the sheets. Party and play, gang bangs, cum suckers on land, classes on the beach. In the dark, iut of water, RV campers on the side of the road. Out if water, out of smokes, party and play, prey to catch. Crooks and robbers, same old story, history created online. Lights in sky, lights in high, deeds and actions, to hurt, to harm.

Jokes today, donkeys in fields to stay, snakes in dens, cum suckers in packs. Writers might, share a tale or two, lessons learned alone the way. Good times, monkeys swingers in the wind, jokes on land to see. Nights alone the way, paths crossed, veterans and black female heroes, nightmares from time serve. Gifts of lives in danger, acts and deeds to note, sad tales of men in attacks. Lives lost, lives given to protect  our way of life.

Tuesday the page, got old timer on the phone yesterday, can order the clicker again, and get insurance placed again. That made my day yesterday, talked to my cowboys about the threats today already. Lots of hot air, full of shit, loose marbles in his head. Head buried in an ass or two, dicks in his mouth all the time, catcher to mound, party and play. Cum suckers, snakes in dens, out for only self, lights on deeds and actions. Love and hate, heaven and hell, places for the sinners and saints. Books in production, Freaks Jewish Style, Butts Up. 

Dances in the dark, dances with different family members first. Daddy, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, host or travel, party and play, good times. RV campers, bring your own water, to wipe your ass, after sex, oral experts, day jobs. Blow jobs to go. Lots of fun, tasteful deli lights, cum suckers in line.

 Pitchers to mount, gang bang rules, every night, dicks waiting in line. Sex Freaks, Rach Jay and Rachel Jarrot, Reese Smith. Bumps in the woods, trips to hell, spiders and snakes. Hung on the cross with Jesus Christ , saints  alive, sheep and goats. Hate and love, horns to blow, goats and sheep, horns of love and hate.

Views are like noses, and everyone has one, so what be true to yourself, the only person around daily for you, others might not be out for your best interest. Snakes in the grasses, are fake friends that are true to you as long as it fits, in plans to steal more out of the sex trades with Steve Jarrot, and acorns Rocky, Rachelle, Sima, and Jackie Jarrot or something else, another example in the care and loving natural to them as a group. Happy with gay lifestyle and the extra sex trades for the drugs that rule and control so many today. You also a slave to drugs with sex players that are there for the day,  week,  summer, or for trades or tricks with ass fuckers, that are white and pure as snow, in their world.

Views that are not shared, and kept in the dark has a way of find the light of day, help need to cure the sickness of too much of everything, it is still a sin. Grace and mercy to follow always for the best lights on the reptiles in the dark, hope for the little people that lost their way, and found Adam not Seven Snakes in the form of a friend. Watch out for the American toads that flip on a card, poker experts and experts that need no inductions for the lost souls trapped, within and no clue how to leave or turn the pages fast pace needed to get on the bus to life again.

Dogwood Trees, Monkeys to see, Monkeys to do for the whole year, good times under the dogwood trees. Birds and bees, games to play for the moments of downtime. Songs to sing, drums to bang, Pit-ball my security blue bird, singer out for the time of his life. A shark, a hustler for sure, guy with an eye for dollars, over 6 feet tall, giant in the land of singer. Thanks for the nice songs to dance the nights away in Seattle. The Green City, just for an hour or two, maybe two week.

Time in the hospital, friends to see, here and there, one more time. Partys events to plan, my job, thanks, Uncle Sam.Happy and delighted for another day on the right side of the graves. Graves to you, and graves to me, every day closer to the setting sun on the end of dazes on earth. Gifts daily to share, words and pictures for the lost, sad and blue frogs and freaks out at night. Lessons to learn, as a teacher or as a student, choices daily, and the room to grow always nice for a turn or two, flipping the coins, and flipping the cards, 52 ways to play this hand.

Great day on the right side of the grave. Happy and delighted with the paths taken, sunny and bright dazes on the beach. On the boat to sail away from hard times to better waves on the ocean. Gifts to share, tales sailing stories of the rocking .Happy for the joys and pains of six kids, happy and delighted with the lessons learned alone the way. Friends for a season, friends for a cause, friends for a life time to share the joys and pains on the roads to greatness. More gifts to share, more suns to shine, more stars to count, daily gifts for the wishes of the angels, with the saints and the sinners flipping the cards Time is a wheel, and time does not stop for looks, charms or grasses that are greener for the cattle, bison, and buffs around and around the wheels turns, and the wheels do stop going around in time, not time it never stops.

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